Sunday, July 14, 2013

Vamo simulation. Real world battery test

The guys here were wondering about the performance of the VAMO e-cig with 1 28650 battery or with 2 18350 stacked.
I have some Efest batteries from the last test and awsum140 measured some current consumptions for me.
So we created a "vape" simulation with both batteries, it draws the same power that the Vamo uses during vaping for 5 seconds and rests for 25 seconds. All that to simulate the actions of the user while using it. It's like chain vaping until the battery reaches the 3.3 cut off voltage. (we didn't use the 2.750V cut off since users tend to recharge the batteries at 3.3V)

The 18650 gave us 250 puffs both times. Continuous vaping for 2 hours

The stacked 18350 gave us 477 puffs (?!?) the first time and 479 the second time. Continuous vaping for 4 hours

Seems like using two stacked batteries performs a lot better.

Get the files here:
Efest 18350 525 Vape test

Note: the stacked 18350 batteries ran cooler than the 18650 mainly because the mod draws 1.02A at 7W so there was not so much stressing.

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