Tuesday, November 10, 2015

TCL SVC 200 teardown

After some discussions on Techmoan's site  I was wondering what's inside that little cam and it seems there is more to that.
Here are some pics, note you have to desolder the remote control antenna to remove the pcb board.

Below is the wire (antenna) for the remote you have to desolder.

It seems there are some tools for ambarella video processing chips here http://dc.p-mc.eu/
There is a firmware editor here http://dc.p-mc.eu/tools/a7tool   (you have to open the A5 binary and select your SVC200 firmware file.
You can extract partitions, kernel etc. 
He has also a direct usb download software which allows firmware update gia usb cable. You can get it here http://dc.p-mc.eu/tools/directusb/download

Feel free to donate to this site, he has done a great work.