Friday, March 25, 2011

VX-8R docs

Seems the ham community missed the VX8 series radios.
Most of the sites are not updated regarding the user or service manual or the device. Lack of info around the handheld is 90%.
Wtf happened with this one? In the older days people people were building projects around handhelds or torn it apart to mod it etc.
Maybe Yaesu has been left behind a bit. If i could design a handheld i would make sure to have a USB interface for a PC, maybe pack as many features i can inside,  remember times have changed, people use computers for everything and the market tends to work near computers.
One of the problems i see is that they do not use new technology very efficient by using old parts or complicated designs, yes they are reliable as hell but radios lack of some features that in the newer days are mandatory.
Someone might say "if you pack too many features inside then the handheld won't be reliable or will have crappy performance"
Not true, newer designs can use far more reliable parts and circuits. Newer microcontrollers (like the PIC32 etc) can offer more but the manufacturers still choose small ARM architecture MCU's.
Then there is the problem of copyright and FCC etc, but anyway if someone wants to copy or mod  a design he will do it no matter what, remember the nokia BB5 series? They "used" to be the most secure platform and now it's an every day unlock.

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